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The first three Awards (Preliminary, Standard and Bronze) are all non-contact and will compliment participants subscribed to the BOX fitness programme in developing the correct technique and fitness whilst training in the Art ot Olympic style boxing. 


The remaining three Awards(Silver, Gold and Platinum) involve technique development in modified sparring. The Platinum Award takes the boxer into a ring with a skills bout, allowing the boxer to demonstrate skills, fitness and ability they’ve learnt while completing all six of the GB National Boxing Awards. 


The GB National Boxing Awards give students the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of training without hurting others or being hurt, providing a healthy channel for energy and aggression. All participants learn a new activity as well as gaining credits towards the Boxing Educational Qualification (the certificates can be used to support the following: GCSE, BTEC, ASDAN, Duke of Edinburgh Award and Princes Trust Award). 


The Awards are flexible and can be delivered in PE curriculum time, the extended schools package and as a school holiday programme. 


The Gold Award

The Gold Award. For all holding the Silver Award and in possession of a full boxing medical certificate. Over the programme you will practice a full training session which you will be assessed on. This will include a warm-up routine, skipping ability, variations in shadow boxing, the use of training equipment and a conditioned spar.


The Silver Award

The Silver Award. For participants aged 10 years and over who have successfully completed the Bronze Award and passed a full boxing medical. You will be expected to demonstrate condition sparring, set moves, variations on upper cuts, a warm-up routine and pad and partner work. Assessment will also focus on your shadow boxing skills, skipping and bag work. You will also need to answer 5 short oral questions on the rules of Amateur Boxing. You will be given set conditions by the examiner, which must be used in sparring. Any aspect of the syllabus can be set as a condition. The spar will consist of three 1-minute rounds with one-minute rests. Marks will be given for skill, self-control, appearance, behavior and fitness.


The Bronze Award

The Bronze Award Now you are really starting to move forward. You will be taught bent arm punches (hooks) to head and body. You will be taught the different range of hooks (short, medium and long). You will also be taught how to incorporate hooks into your combination punching (jab, rear hand, lead hand hook). You will be getting fit by now and taking part in circuits that will enable you to progress to different levels as you get fitter. You will be asked questions on the rules and your general knowledge of Amateur Boxing. You will have to work hard and stay focused to demonstrate the correct techniques.


The Standard Award

The Standard Award teaches combinations, warm up routines and more complex movements. During the Standard Award, you’re assessed on technique and partner work, shadow boxing, punching on the move, rules and general knowledge.The Standard Award is for participants who have successfully completed the Preliminary Award. It teaches the basics of the sport and gives an insight into the physical training needed to become a boxer.


The Premilinary Award

The Preliminary Award is your first step to learning the art of Amateur Boxing. You will be taught your stance, guard, footwork, straight punches to head and body and how to defend yourself. You will be expected to show six demonstrations from the following: stance, guard, balance, torso movement, and basic footwork around the ring moving in all directions. You will be expected to show defense actions against straight lead to head and body. You will be assessed on basic footwork, jab, rear-hand and defense action and will be required to do pad work for three 1-minute rounds with ½ minute rests working in pairs.

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